The area of Trifilia has a lot of beaches, each of them having their own special and beautiful characteristics. The beaches that are close to Megalos Kampos and are considered to be of great beauty are:


It is considered one of the most appropriate beaches in Greece for sea sports and especially surfing.
Lagkouvardos is only 10 minutes by car away from Megalos Kampos and offers a beautiful scene and an area to relax.


The beach Vromoneri an option for residents of the surrounding villages, as is a picturesque beach with quick access. The beach is covered with sand, and there are several stairs from which you can get off on it.
Small and picturesque harbor. The name comes from the hot springs that gush from the rocks.

Golden Beach – Mati

Golden Beach is characterized by the bright golden color of the sand and the very long extent. Somewhere in the middle of the beach you will find refreshment and tennis beach volley, while there is always a quiet spot for those who do not want the world.
During the summer it is very likely to come across caretta-caretta turtles that come ashore to spawn. Also, the coast offers many activities summer sports (surfing, canoeing, kite, water skiing, jet-skiing).


If you want to see one of the best beaches in the world, then you must head to Voidokilia Beach. It’s a small bay with blue-green fresh waters, an amazing sandy beach, and a lush green landscape that’s part of the Natura Zone 2000, as well as part of most top lists in acknowledged tour guides. It’s not an organized beach and it’s very peaceful, which is another reason that you shouldn’t miss this beach.


If you want to swim in a picturesque landscape, then Gialova is picture perfect. It’s at the bay of Navarino and you will love it for its peaceful scenery and its romantic sunset. Gialova is the ideal destination for families with children, even for a weekend away, because it fills you up with energy right away.

Ai Lagoudi

If you want to find yourself in the most beloved beach of Kyparissia, then you should visit the beach of Ai Lagoudi. It has unearthly waters and numerous small bays, while it’s an organized beach. It provides facilities for people with disabilities, sun beds, umbrellas, showers, as well as cafés and restaurants that are open all year round. They always have a place for you to relax, whenever you need a break from your swimming or sunbathing.

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