Proti Island

Medieval beauty

The island of Proti is a beautiful little island just across Marathopolis. It is just one mile from the coast and is arid and uninhabited. However, it is a very interesting place with a history that starts from very old.

The name of this island, due to the sea god Proteus, son of Poseidon and has great archaeological importance. There are the ruins of the Mycenaean citadel or pre-classical era with wall and circular turret.

The island of Proti mentioned by Thucydides because there “being a desert” in 424 BC parked temporarily due to storm, the Athenian fleet (Athenian squadron) of Demosthenes, homing of Zakynthos and continuing to Pylos, where close to it, on the island Sfaktiria besieged protestors there Spartans (Thucydides IV 13).

Reports on this are by Strabo and other ancient writers. According to local traditions was previously naval reserve, probably not even at different times and hideout Pirates, Crusader Saracens who were hiding there and their treasures (I. M. Martinis, “Diary of Greater Greece – The island Trifiliaki First ‘Tom . 13, No. 13 (1934), pp. 185-200).
On the island there is also the temple of Artemis Efploias that in place of rebuilt church of Our Lady.

A unique experience is also a visit to the monastery of the Assumption of Gorgopigi located north of the beach Vourlias and attracts many devotees on 15 and 23 August.